Calac Crusand is the son of Venith and Maresar.

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His face has the same features of his father, but darker.[1]

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  • Venith notes that when Calac’s voice is level, there is much of his mother’s voice in the way he speaks.[2]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Venith) “Is that the kind of man you are? The kind of man who hides behind oaths when injustice is done?”
  • (To Venith) “I admire my father. The man who raised me taught me how to be honorable, to keep my word. He taught me to defend the innocent and never bow to injustice. He taught me to do what was right.
  • (To Venith) “I’m going. Me and some of the soldiers are going to ride to the King of Destruction’s side. We’ll probably die, but at least we’ll die doing the right thing. Like you taught me.”
  • (To Venith) “What people, father? What home? There’s just you here, and some soldiers. Everyone is with the King of Destruction. Flos. Mother’s King. Our King. Your King.”
  • (To Venith) “I’m sorry. You taught me how to be proud, how to keep my word. How to be honorable. But father, I guess I never learned what loyalty meant.”

References Edit

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