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Calescent is a Hobgoblin [Chef] and member of the Flooded Waters Tribe.


He has a stout, not fat, figure.[1]


He enjoys making all of his dishes spicy, and would insists others to eat them. For those who complain, he preparing some ingredients with the spicy dish that can be used to cut out some of the spices.

He also insists that Goblins should eat at least twice a day, as he knew what it was like to starve. He would even make spice-less food, which for him is a crime against cuisine, if it means that they properly eat.[1]



Volume 3[]

TBA From Chapter 3.29 G

Volume 5[]

TBA From Interlude - Pebblesnatch and Garry

Volume 7[]

TBA From Chapter 7.12 G


TBA From Mating Rituals Pt.2


TBA From Chapter 7.43 G

Volume 8[]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Spice Chef] Lv. ?


  • [Extra Spice]
  • [Hot Enough For You]
  • [Supplies: Flarepepper Powder]


  • Fake Creler Eggs: He can make realistic-looking Creler eggs from regular chicken or goose eggs by hollowing the interior and injecting a gel made fromSage’s Grass, some orange dye and water. While they are still edible they are not that tasty.[2]


  • Sack of the hottest spice blends.[1] The spice-blend came in a few types of:[3]
    • Death spice: Have no flavor besides pain. He coats his weapons with this or tossed it into people’s faces in battle.[3]
    • Flavor spice: For cooking. They hot but delicious. Imani actually buys some in bulk.[3]
  • Cleaver.[1]


  • While his was among the Mountain City Goblins that defected to Rags' Tribe in Ch 3.29 G, his first official appearance was in Interlude - Pebblesnatch and Garry, and his name was revealed in Ch 7.12 G.
  • He named himself Calescent, which was a word as much as a name, after he had learned it from the only cook-book he’d ever possessed.[1]
  • He is incidentally one of the most feared fighters outside of the Redfangs, because when he goes into battle he carries a small sack of his hottest spice blends and throws it in the enemies eyes as he hacked them apart with a cleaver.[1]
  • Snapjaw is the only person that can eat most of his spicy cooking without leaking from most orifices.[2]


  • To Rags:
    • “Food is important. Chieftain is too small.”
    • “Not hungry? Can get spice-less food, if you want, Chieftain.”
    • “Chieftain needs good food. Spends too much time sleeping. Or working.”
  • (To Badarrow & Snapjaw) “Too much spices. Bad for this. I come back in thirty minutes, with less-spicy dish.”
  • (To himself) “Probably need locks. Must make better food for after-sex.”
  • (To Badarrow) “Make cheer up. Let’s throw gold and watch adventurers beat each other up.”
  • (To Rags) “Look at that. Chieftain, buy me that.”
  • (To Palt & Imani) “I am [Spice Chef]. Calescent. And you are [Chef] here? Very nice food. Have recipes? Hello.”
  • (To Rags) “Chieftain. If Ulvama not stay, maybe I stay? Good place.”
  • (To Rags) “Him! Him! Chieftain, here! It’s him!”