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Callidaz is one of the last true Giants, as well as the oldest and tallest of them all.





Powers and Abilities[]


  • His real name is so long that one had to give up pronouncing it, as it didn’t have the same kind of consonants and vowels—or if they did, it was like the earth speaking. As such the first part of his name was taken and called Callidaz.[1]
  • Once he had asked a female Djinn to grant him a wish. Not only she couldn't grant it, but she wept for it.[1]


  • (To Flora) “Your people have made a weapon that is better at killing than the last weapon. Well done.”
  • (To Flora) “Flora of Humans. You ask if this is right. I do not know. You must choose. We are only Giants. We do not know wisdom. We trust our friends. We listen. We decide. That is how we live. Nothing more. We chose a side.”
  • (To Flora) “Take heart, Flora of Humanity. Of Earth. When you came here, you brought a weapon that could change the world. But when you came, you already changed the world. By saving a life.”
  • (To Flora) “You changed the world.