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Cara O'Sullivan is an Earther from Ireland who was transported to Terandria and became the world-famous Singer of Terandria.


When on-stage, Cara dresses like a star and wears makeup to hide blemishes on her skin.[1]


To her audience, Cara is a cheerful, upbeat person; in actuality, she is very prickly and isn't afraid to insult people who are acting stupid. Cara often wears facades in order to protect herself and her identity, and tells people what they want to hear from her as long as that is convenient for herself. She is hardworking and professional, evident by how she was able to become the most successful and famous Earthers in the world. Cara is appreciative of her fans, working hard to ensure they are getting their money's worth.[1] Additionally, she is mindful of copyright infrigements, keeping a plagiarism log to record all the songs she sings which she claims to "keep me honest."

Cara despises royalty and hierarchies; essentially any social order that keeps common people oppressed. Despite that, she is on good terms with Seraphel du Marquin, the 4th Princess of Calanfer.[2] She also bears an enmity against Ailendamus.[3]


While the world and even the Earthers around her know her by the name Cara O'Sullivan, Cara has also suggested it is not her real name, though afterwards, she claimed that statement was also a lie.[1]

She managed to get in contact with [BlackMage] at Wistram (despite being located in Terandria) and he showed her the previous conversation log.[4]


Volume 2[]

Cara was present for the second group chat organized by Blackmage, under the username [Humble Actor].

Volume 7[]

By now, Cara has become a famous [Pop Star] journeying through Terandria on the search for more Earthers and for a safe place to stay. Her public entourage includes her [Manager] Abebi, Nicolas and another guy from Argentina, the [Drummer] Thien, the [Guitarist] Greg, the [Bassist] Rae and a [Violinist]. Aside from them, more Earthers are covertly following her, among them Desmond. These people are shielded by her so they aren't detected by Wistram. At some point, Cara sent Elena to Wistram to check it out, and thus found out that the [Mages] from the Academy are not trustworthy and the island is not the safe haven she wants.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Cara has two classes and says that she has reached Level 40 in them.[1]


  • [Pop Star] Lv. 40
    • Derived from [Singer]
  • [Thespian] Lv. ?
    • Derived from [Actor]


  • [Banshee’s Voice]
  • [Melody of Speed]
  • [Song of Rejuvenation]


  • She obtained the [Pop Star] Class from a variation of [Singer] and seems to be a bit embarassed about it.[4]


  • (In Chatroom) = Si vis pacem, para bellum. (Translation = If you want peace, prepare for war)
  • (In Chatroom) = Count me in. Where do we start?
  • (In Chatroom) = What is this, a support group? We’re not in a game.
  • (To Greg) “Stop listenin’ to the plámásing cunts thats yer wan I wouldn’t let in here you stupid fook.
  • (To Greg) “I said—stop listening to those flattering cunts, you stupid fucking idiot. They don’t come in here. No one does!”
  • (To Greg) “I don’t. But those brave lads died far from home, trying to do the right thing as they saw it. So if you can’t respect that, grab a rope, tie it around your neck, and go jump off a chair. ‘Cause if you don’t, I’ll do it for you.”
  • (To her Group) “Who is this Drake? Why do I love her?”
  • (To Aaron) “You want to talk about help, Blackmage? You don’t want to do a ‘who owes who’ with me. You want trust? Put Elena on. No? That’s what I thought.”
  • (To her Group) “Someone get rid of Greg and get me whoever that is.”
  • (To Rae) “There’s nowhere my voice can’t reach. Tell Aaron I need a favor.”
  • (To all listeners) “This one goes out to the Wind Runner of Reizmelt, the [Alchemist] of Pallass, Lady El and whoever believes in doing the right thing!”