Cave Goblins are a tribe of grey-green skin Goblins that originate from Liscor's Dungeon.

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For centuries the Cave Goblins have lived in Liscor's Dungeon under the Raskghar rule.[1]

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Trivia Edit

  • For centuries there has never been a Hobgoblin emerging from Cave Goblins, which results in them not knowing that a Hob is in fact a Goblin.[2] Even their former masters the Raskghar who ruled them for all that time, had ever seen or known about Hobgoblin.[3]
  • In order to be able to feed them, Erin had once bought enough food from Liscor that it had drive up the prices in the city.[4]
  • Since the tribe does not have an official name, Numbtongue once called it the Wandering Inn tribe, in order to deceive Greybeard.[5]

References Edit

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