Celum is a human city, located in Izril. It is one of the Northern Plains Confederation Cities. When it isn't winter, Magnolia Reinhart often moves to her manor in Celum.


The city is located 88 miles north from Liscor.[1] It is approximately six hundred miles south from Invrisil and around 3,800 to 4,000 miles south from First Landing, the most northern city in Izril.[2]

CelumArea Map

Map of the Southern part of the Northern Plains Confederation. Celum is among the most southern cities. (Artists rendition)


Celum is ruled by a council, which consists of a lot of [Merchants] and guild leaders.[3]


Like most human cities, the city is walled, but the majority of the population is located outside of the walls. The walls surrounding the town are only about twenty feet tall.[4]


  • Springbottom street[5]



  • Adventurer’s Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • Merchant’s Guild
  • Runner’s Guild


  • Blazehound
  • Bloody Tankard
  • The Drunken Swordsman
  • Frenzied Hare
  • The Rat’s Tail (moderately prosperous inn) [6]

Alchemist Shops

  • Stitchworks - Potions, tonics, herbs.
  • Quelm's Bazaar of Alchemies (defunct in book 6)
  • Jeffil's shop (defunct in book 6)
  • Mabel the Magnificent


  • Reinhart's Manor
  • Watch’s Barracks

Known Inhabitants



String People


  • Emme


  • In the early chapters the distance between Celum and Liscor was around/over 100 miles and in the newer Timeline the distance is 88 miles[7], leaving the True Distance of both cities uncertain.
  • Sending a single [Message] spell from Celum to Liscor costs a couple of gold coins, though the longer the message is the more does the price increase. The price is so high as it is not easy to cast the spell, requiring a [Mage] to be at least Level 15 to be able to use it.


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