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The Centrists are one of the political factions of Wistram Academy and is led by Archmage Feor


The Centrists are one of the three most powerful factions in Wistram, thanks to them being led by an Archmage. Their primary objective is to induct every mage in the world into Wistram, and make it into a nation.[1] Like the Revivalists, their goal is to improve magic and Wistram, which has declined since the implementation of Archmage Zelkyr's test.[2]


Archmage Feor is the most prominent Centrist, with at least six members of Wistram's council dependent on him. He trusts Half-elves the most.[3] He was recently involved in several affairs outside of the academy, among them acquiring Erin's Magical Door[4] and promoting the use of TV-geared scrying orbs in order to spy on all viewers and gather information on them based on their reactions.[5] Inside Wistram, however, his attempt to monopolize the "Earthers", failed when Blackmage went over to the Revivalist faction.[3]


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  • The Centrists often clashes with the Revivalists.[3] They also harbored a long-standing rivalry with the Isolationists, though the latter has lost much of their influence since Illphres's death.[8]