The Centrists are one of the political factions of Wistram Academy.

Background / Policies Edit

The goal of the Centrists in a nutshell is to make every mage in the world a citizen of Wistram, which would thus become a nation in itself. At least, that's the abbreviated version for newcomers to the acedemy.[1]

They harbored a long-standing rivalry with the Isolationists, which lost much of their influence since Illphres death.[2]

Archmage Feor is probably the most prominent centrist figure, and there are at least six members of Wistram's council depending on him. He trusts Half-elves the most.[3] He was recently involved in several affairs outside of the academy, among them acquiring Erin's Magical Door[4] and promoting the use of TV-geared scrying orbs in order to spy on all viewers and gather information on them based on their reactions.[5] Inside Wistram, however, his attempt to monopolize the "otherworlders", which means BlackMage, failed when Blackmage went over to the Revivalist faction.[3]

Known Members Edit

References Edit

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