Ceria Springwalker's Leveling History.

Leveling History Edit

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills & Spells Additional Information
Wistr. Pt. 5 [Elementalist] Lv. ? N/A She gained the [Elementalist] Class, when she was in her 2nd year at Wistram.
Ch 1.02 R [Elementalist] Lv. ? (20+) N/A Implied to be above Lv. 20 by Ryoka.

Confirmed to have been Lv. 23 in Ch 6.18 H.

Ch 1.11 R N/A Revealed


Revealed to have gained the [Fireball] Spell when she had reached Lv. 18 in the past.
Ch 1.37 N/A Revealed


Revealed to have the [Dangersense] Skill.
Ch 3.09 [Elementalist] Lv. ? (20+) N/A Leveled up "several times" after Albez.
Ch 4.27 H Revealed

[Cryomancer] Lv. 25

N/A Revealed to have transcended to [Cryomancer] Lv. 25.
Ch 5.12 [Cryomancer] Lv. ? (25+) N/A Leveled at least once from the Face Eater moth attack
Ch 6.18 H Revealed

[Cryomancer] Lv. 29

N/A Ceria revealed that she was Level 23 when she first met Ryoka and has ever since levelled 6 times.
Ch 6.39 N/A Revealed

[Frozen Quickshape]

[Ice Magic Affinity]

[Weak Frost Resistance]

3 Skills Revealed.
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