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Cervial was the Captain of a Silver-rank adventurer team, known as Flawless Flight. This team consisted of at least eight adventurers equipped mostly with ranged weapons: short- and longbows, slings and even a crossbow.




His team did a lot of scouting work and hunting troublesome monsters that hide.[1]


He was part of the planning group for the dungeon raid on the Ruins of Liscor together with Calruz, Lir and Yvlon. Two other silver-rank captains, Gregor and Hendric, declined to participate[2], but Gerald joined in.[3]. Like Yvlon, Cervial was interested in the dungeon raid primarily for treasure.[4]

He could provide the expedition with a map of the first level of the ruins.[5]

The five captains and their respective teams finally entered the dungeon, where Cervial's group served as scouts and ranged support. In the fights with the [Crypt Lords] they lost four members, among them Elise.[6]

When the raid split into two groups, Gerald, Lir and Cervial found the door behind which Skinner was hiding. Skinner took them all by surprise when he came out, Cervial was last seen among the faces added to Skinner's body.[7]

His main legacy in the series was the black dwarven crossbow that was later found and repaired by Rags.[8]

One of his team's [Hunters] survived the dungeon raid, spreading their own distorted story how the expedition went.[9]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Marksman] Lv.?[4]


  • [Appraisal][4]
  • [Point Blank Shot][6]


He was known as an archer-captain, and used a large longbow[2] as well as a massive, sleek, black metal, dwarven crossbow which he had bought for lots of gold and which was the treasure of his team.[10]

Cervial's Dwarven Crossbow, here held by Rags (Fanworks by imperfect magic)



  • (About the Crossbow) “with this we’ll be able to pull our weight.”
  • (In the Ruins of Liscor) “There’s no way in hell I’m retreating, not without a huge pile of gold to put on my people’s tombstones.”