Chaldion is an elderly Drake and a [Veteran Strategist] from Pallass.

Appearance Edit

He is an elderly Drake with nearly completely grey scales, with only a hint of yellow in them. He has several scars on his face, miss some teeth and wears an eye patch over his right eye. Beneath the eye patch there is an enchanted carved sapphire eyeball.[1]

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Veteran Strategist] Lv. ?

Skills: Edit

  • [Path to Victory]

Possessions Edit

  • Sapphire Eyeball - Enchanted with [Truesight].[1]

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (To Venim) “That’s for me to decide! Hands off! And if Rufelt made it, I’ll like it. Don’t bother me. I’m playing. And keep those pesky [Tacticians] and [Strategist] brats out of my spines for a bit!”
  • (To Erin) “Sweet! Just the thing for brain food. Wonderful sweets you have here. Who am I? Chaldion. A humble old Drake too stubborn to retire.”
  • (To Erin) “That annoying muscle-head is at it again. You set him on that adventuring team, did you? You must either love or hate them, girl.”

References Edit

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