Chandrar is the largest continent, with the main feature being a massive desert that occupies a lot of its area. It's home to the String People, Garudas and even Beastkin.

Overview Edit

The people who live here are the strongest of spirit, and the most resilient.

History Edit

Around 10 years ago, Flos Reimarch nearly conquered all of Chandrar, before entering his slumber.

Geography Edit

It is located south from Izril.

Most of Chandrar's lands are inhospitable and have dry arid ground, but it also has valley and places where nature blooms.[1]

Locations Edit

Chandrar Map

Course Map of Chandrar (Artist's rendition). Most places so far mentioned in the story are located in the Northeastern corner.

Nations: Edit

  • Illivere
  • Lamullt
  • Mediv
  • Nerrhavia Fallen
  • Pomle
  • Republic of Belchan
  • Realm of Jecrass
  • Sarmathi
  • Savere
  • The Claiven Earth
  • Xem

Empires: Edit

  • Empire of Sands
  • Tiqr

Thalassocracy: Edit

  • Medain

Kingdoms: Edit

  • Elmvett
  • Hellios
  • Keymos
  • Khelt
  • Medilean
  • Oblinat
  • Reim
  • Roshal
  • Ultea
  • Xar

Cities: Edit

  • Averach
  • Belevadim
  • Chalm
  • Ger
  • Rast

Villages: Edit

  • Manimar

Bazaars: Edit

  • Jerios Bazaar

Deserts: Edit

  • Zeikhal Desert

Trivia Edit

  • The continent of Chandrar looks like a rather lumpy rectangle.[2]
  • In Chandrar grow stringy, spicey vegetables that are called Yellats, which taste a bit like sweet potatoes.; they are a staple of the Chandrarian diet. Yallats are, however, considered a poor man's food due to the simplicity of growing them. Some monarchs would even starve themselves before eating them.[3]
  • Chandrarian people take perceived insults seriously, and the Desert Clans are especially touchy.[4]

References Edit

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