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Chandrar is the largest continent and is mostly composed of desert. It is populated by Humans, String People, Garuda and even Beastkin.


The people who live here are generally considered strong of spirit and resilient, moreso than those of other continents. It is also the continent with more visible evil than any other continent.[1] Slavery is common and wars are frequent on this desert continent.


Chandrar has a long history with many kingdoms rising and falling over the centuries. Much of that history has been lost to time.

Back when Germina and the other Shield Kingdoms were still young, Zeikhal was flowering grasslands, and not the vast desert it is in modern times.[2]

Over ten thousand years ago, Vampires had taken Chandrar like they did the rest of the world. One of their own, the Quarass of the time, was convinced that their influence must be removed. She went to one of their greatest lairs and poisoned their bloodwells. She was killed, but her next incarnation led the army of Germina to finish off the survivors. The nine Shield Kingdoms and other nations of the era rose up, and Chandrar was the first continent to drive off the Vampires.[3]

Around ten years ago, Flos Reimarch nearly conquered all of Chandrar, before entering his slumber.


It is located south of Izril.

Most of Chandrar's lands are inhospitable and have dry arid ground, but it also has valley and places where nature blooms.[4]


Map of Chandrar (Artist's rendition). Most places so far mentioned in the story are located in the Northeastern corner.

Detail Map of most Chandrarian locations mentioned so far. (Artist's rendition)

Flos' Map of Reim's neighbors in Chapter 6.14 K

geographic overlay on that map, Chapter 6.14 K

  • Keymos (some place with unknown distinction)[5]
  • Armil[6]




Shield Kingdoms:[]

There were originally 17 shield kingdoms all of which stood up to the might of Dragons. Throughout the ages, 13 of them fell and only the four below remain.


  • Aeresuth - Within Nerrhavia’s Fallen[12] (Destroyed)[13]
  • Averach
  • Belevadim
  • Blalevault - Capital City of Hellios
  • Caardefelt - One of the larger cities within Nerrhavia’s Fallen[14]
  • Chalm
  • Delicrel - Within Illivere[15]
  • Demarsel - Within Illivere[16]
  • Edojaf - Capital City of Khelt
  • Elbe - Within Illivere[16]
  • Ger - Capital City of Germina
  • Kalcuraz[17]
  • Koirezune - Khelt Capital City[17]
  • Lailight Scintillion - Port-Capital of Roshal
  • Levrhine - Capital City of Belchan
  • Oliphant - Capital City of Tiqr
  • Rast
  • Reim - Capital City of Reim
  • Runsblud - Savere' Port-capital
  • Sadomere = Drevish’ Madness (Renamed)[18]
  • Thorica[17]
  • Trevlt - Border City within Medain[15]
  • Tyrant’s Rest - Capital City of Nerrhavia Fallen[19]
  • Unst - Within Illivere[16]
  • Vishront[20]
  • Ziozem - Within Illivere[16]


  • Manimar - Within Reim
  • Merral-Devith - Located to the North of Nerhs (Destroyed by Crelers)[21]
  • Nerhs[14] - Located Southern part of Chandrar.[12] (To be Burned after Crelers attack)[22]
  • Sandkempt - Located Northeast of Nerhs[12] (Destroyed by Crelers)[21]


  • Jerios Bazaar


  • Zeikhal Desert


  • Be’neld Oasis - Within Tiqr
  • Yov Oasis - Within Tiqr

Areas / Landmarks:[]

  • Blademaster’s Cut[17]
  • Cadistell
  • Forest of Nemask - Within Khelt[23]
  • Glass Straits[24]
  • Heda’s Valley - Within Tiqr
  • Hellia’s Pass
  • Killale Steppes - Within Killale
  • Lion’s Valley - Border between Jecrass and Medain[25]
  • Merrina Pass - Border between Jecrass and Medain[26]
  • Reen Plains - Within Tiqr
  • Simel Gulf[27]
  • Viadem’s Pass - Within Belchan


  • Aleyss[16]
  • Channel of Borendivual - One of the largest rivers in Nerrhavia[23]
  • Reic River
  • River Celed - Within Jecrass[28]
  • Sothsoil[13]
  • Yerides[13]


  • The continent of Chandrar looks like a rather lumpy rectangle.[29]
  • Yellats are considered a poor man's food in Chandrar because they are the only home-grown vegetable in many places[30]
  • Chandrarian people take perceived insults seriously, and the Desert Clans are especially touchy.[31]
  • There are no bears on Chandrar due to the hot climate.[32]