Chapter 1.00 D is the first chapter telling the story of Geneva Scala on Baleros (first called a Side Story, the "Doctor Edition").

Synopsis Edit

The chapter starts with a backstory of Geneva's childhood, and a in-medias-res scene of her current occupation as a [Doctor].

The rest of the chapter is a flashback told as the situation develops: Geneva is stumbling around as new arrival in a Balerosian city near a lake, inhabited by Lizardfolk, Dullahans and Centaurs, and she is recruited by the 4th Battalion of the Raverian Fighters as a Doctor, despite not having a class yet.

During the march towards the war theater, three days after Geneva enlisted, 4th Batallion is ambushed by Centaur raiders, and Geneva has to put her skills as a newly-minted [Doctor] to the test, saving one of her fellow recruits. Over the next days, she gets to treat other recruits, first among them a Dullahan with a bad infection.

On the day before they reach the main part of the Raverian Fighters, another night ambush by Centaurs destroys the most precious resource of the Batallion: the supply of healing potions they were escorting to the battlefield.

(Which leads back to the current time; the next chapter continues where the intro scene broke off.)

Characters Edit

(All First Appearance)

  • Geneva Scala
  •  ? - Two [Soldier] assistants
  • Thriss
  •  ? - Minotaur soldier with huge spike club
  •  ? - Tall female Dullahan with a scar over an eye
  • Lim
  •  ? - Young Lizardboy guide to the city
  •  ? - Old Lizardfolk [Seamstress]
  • Clara
  • Fortum
  •  ? - Naked Centaur [Archer] with raven hair, tanned skin and a magical bracelet
  •  ? - Batallion's [Quartermaster]
  •  ? - Dark-skinned bark-armored Dullahan

Companies Introduced and Mentioned Edit

Locations Edit

Items Edit

  • Various medical supplies bought or improvised by Geneva
  • Weak, Green Healing Potion

Statistics Obtained Edit

Geneva Scala Edit

  • Classes/Levels = [Doctor] Lv. 4 (+4)
  • Skills = [Lesser Resistance: Disease] + [Hygienic Hands] + [Lesser Resistance: Infection]
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