Chapter 1.00 H is the fifty-ninth chapter of Volume 1.

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The day of the expedition into the Ruins of Liscor has arrived. The Horns of Hammerad prepare in the Wandering Inn for this occasion (POVs of Ceria and Gerial). Olesm arrives almost to late, and then Erin, Toren and Pawn see them off.

They arrive at the ruins and force open the doors to the uppermost level of the dungeon. Exploration of that first level is uneventful, and Ceria can explain a lot about adventurer routines to Olesm. Then they run into relatively harmless Spider nests and 30 zombies, which seem to be relatively fresh.

Then, they approach the second level, which was where the previous adventurer teams had been lost. They quickly realize this has to be a temple or a crypt. And then they walk into the first trap.

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  • Dwarven Crossbow
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