Chapter 1.01 H is the sixtieth chapter of Volume 1, and the second in a short series that features the Horns of Hammerad. In a short paragraph, it also is the eighteenth chapter in book 1 that features Ryoka.

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The five adventurers teams fight against hordes of undead in the ruines of Liscor, and they manage to fight off the trap that four Crypt Lords have laid for them, and retreat to relative safety. None of the Horns of Hammerad are lost in that ambush, but four members of the Flawless Flight are lost.

Olesm reveals that his presence helped Lir's mages to retreat and secure the adventurer's withdrawal. Then, he uses another Skill to help the adventurers in striking back against the Crypt Lords, which are defeated after an intense battle that sees the odds reversed.


Meanwhile, Ryoka runs back towards Liscor, but finds dead Gnolls on her way north.

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  • Dwarven Crossbow
  • Healing Potion
  • Mana Potion
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