Chapter 1.01 R is the twenty-fourth chapter of Volume 1, and the second chapter featuring Ryoka.

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Back at her home guild, Ryoka learns that deliveries for Lady Magnolia are high in demand among runners. She also meets Garia, whom Ryoka doesn't like because the girl bothers her with her persistant attempts of conversation.

On the job board, Ryoka notices a request from a unknown person in the High Passes. Garia tells her to not take it, warning her of the monsters there. Ryoka also meets Fals, one of the most important runners around there, but refuses to converse much, as she dislikes him as well.

She runs to Remendia next, where three silver buy her a bed in a good inn. Ryoka ponders what to aim for next. Her list includes getting information from books or maps, but there are not public libraries. Equipment and items like magical protection charms, or healing potions are pricy. So far, she has no aim, except to avoid dealing with other people.

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