Chapter 1.02 H is the sixty-first chapter of Volume 1. It concludes the three chapters that feature the Horns of Hammerad's expedition into the Ruins of Liscor.


The five adventuring teams exploring the ruins have split into three main groups: The wounded and some guardians including Yvlon at the entrance of the second level; and two more groups exploring the empty second level since they have believe they killed off all undead creatures, lead by the Crypt Lords.

The team with Gerald, Lir and Cervial reports to have found a room with a large warded door, and they prepare for a trap and a fight. Meanwhile the other team - including Ceria, Calruz and Olesm still searches on. They split further, until Olesm returns with news that they found a room full of tombs - most of them closed stone coffins. Ceria is able to use her [Translate] spell on a large inscription they found, which warns of some Skinner behind a door.

Just as they prepare to warn both the other group and the people on the surface, Ceria feel pure terror through her [Dangersense]. Then, half of the stone coffins divulge their inhabitants. While the warriors run off to help in the room with Skinner's door, Ceria and Sostrom merge their group with Yvlon's and fourteen other adventurers. Just as they discuss what to do, a fellow adventurer flees towards them, telling them they need to escape from Skinner.

The creature soon appears, and Ceria realizes it has put them under a spell or fear effect. When they are finally able to flee, they are surrounded by the Undead. A female adventurer, then Sostrom, are skinned alive and turned to undead. Calruz summons enough courage to challenge Skinner, but hits only the flesh armor while the creature takes his good arm. Then, Calruz is swarmed by undead and disappears from sight. Gerial sacrifices his life to buy Ceria time to escape. Ceria sees Yvlon and some other adventurers fight ahead of her and uses a powerful ice spell to buy them time to escape, and Yvlon finally runs. Ceria remains, cornered by a Ghoul.

After he has slain all opposition, Skinner emerges from the Ruins.



Creatures Introduced


  • Zombie
  • Skeleton
  • Ghoul
  • Crypt Lord
  • Wight


  • Acid Jar
  • Bear traps
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