Chapter 1.03 is the fourth chapter of Volume 1.

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Fleeing from the goblins that began chasing her, Erin heads back to the assumed safety of her Inn. Legs pumping and breath gasping, it becomes apparent that Erin is no athlete, and the strain of her exertion made it feel like a knife was twisting in her guts. The goblins followed her slowly, wearing her down in a classic example of persistence predation, letting their meal exhaust itself, before going in for the kill.

Once Erin has cornered herself in her own Inn, she realizes, too late, that it isn’t very defensive, as the goblins break in and manage to get a strike in on Erin’s leg, causing a gash. A scuffle ensues in which Erin displays a single resilience in the face of overwhelming odds and abject terror. Using chairs and other Inn items, Erin evinces a savage display of brawling, using chairs and knifes to their utmost, while also landing as many low blow’s as possible.  Though not seriously injuring her opponents, she shows that she is no easy meat, and forces the goblins to flee from her abode.

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  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 4 (+3)
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