Chapter 1.04 is the fifth chapter of Volume 1.


After chasing away the goblins, Erin levels up 3 times, then she sits down and thinks about what happened. A few minutes of introspection slowly become an hour, until her stomach growls, and Erin realizes she is hungry.

Aching from her exertions of running and fighting, Erin slowly makes her way back to the ‘Blue Fruit’ trees in search of sustenance. She ate blue fruit, then carried some back to the inn.

Once back at her inn, Erin started to sternutate due to the large amount of dust. She declared this stupid and went on a cleaning spree, mainly as busy work to. She ponders over the strange situation she has found herself in. She also thinks about the new creatures that have tried to harm her.

Exhausted from her efforts, Erin nonetheless prepares herself to head out and find some water at the stream. She babbles to herself on her way there, and then decides to take a bath.

While she is bathing, Erin notices a fish- which tries to eat her. Erin sprints out of the water, and the fish (in its desire to eat her,) also jumps out of the stream. Erin takes the now asphyxiated fish back to her inn for lunch.

Erin attempts to gut the fish, but fails, managing to cut herself in the process. After recounting the negative events of the day, Erin concludes that the day was "bad." Erin begins to talk to herself while she watches herself bleed, and recounts a chess game to herself.



  • The Inn
  • Grove of 'Blue Fruit' trees
  • The Stream

Creatures Introduced

  • Poisonous Fanged Fish
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