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Chapter 1.04 is the fifth chapter of Volume 1.


After causing the goblins to flee, our intrepid protagonist levels up 3 times, then sits down and ponders about the recent event.  A few minutes of introspection slowly extended out to over an hour, until borborygmi becomes apparent, alerting her to her most imminent need.  Food.

Aching from her exertions of running and fighting, and in pain from numerous gashes, Erin slowly makes her way back to the ‘Blue Fruit’ trees in search of sustenance.  Where she gorged herself and gathered as much fruit as she could carry, to take back to her inn.

Once back at her inn, Erin started to sternutate due to the large amount of dust.  She declared this stupid and went on a cleaning spree, having yet to treat her gashes properly.  Mainly as busy work to allow herself time to think, where she ponders over the strange situations she has found herself in, and the weird creatures that have tried to kill (or otherwise assault) her.

Exhausted from her efforts, Erin prepares herself to head out and find some water at the stream.  As she sought the stream, she started to make so little sense in her inner monologue, that she even noticed it herself.  Finally stumbling her way to the stream, she begins to gulp down water and then decides that she is malodorous enough to take a bath.

The water is damn cold, but Erin persists.  Until she notices the shadow of a huge fish that tries to eat her.  This cuts short her ablutions as she quickly leaves the stream, and the fish in its desire to devour her, also jumps out of the stream.   As the fanged horror of a fish died out of the stream, Erin declared it lunch.

Taking it back to her Inn, Erin attempts to gut the fish, but fails miserably, managing to cut herself in the process.  A cut bad enough, that it didn’t hurt at the time.  With goblins trying to kill her, severe hunger and thirst, fanged fish that wanted to take a bite, and now a serious hand injury, Erin sat down and retreated within herself as she came to the conclusion that it was a ‘bad day’.

Stressed beyond belief, Erin mentally fell back to the thing closest to her, to help sustain herself in this horrible situation.  Chess.



  • The Inn
  • Grove of 'Blue Fruit' trees
  • The Stream

Creatures Introduced

  • Poisonous Fanged Fish