Chapter 1.04 R is the thirty-fifth chapter of Volume 1. It is the fifth chapter to feature Ryoka's point of view, and is set a week after Chapter 1.03 R.

Synopsis Edit

Ryoka recovers in the common room of an inn, reading the history of the Antinium Wars. Garia stops by which irritates Ryoka, but she is intent on murder when Persua and her gaggle of runners enter. Only her grievous injury and Garia's strength hinder Ryoka from trying revenge.

Then, the Horns of Hammerad enter the inn, thankful for Ryoka's assistance that she rendered them in Chapter 1.02 R. They are concerned for her injury and are stunned when they hear that Ryoka's bone has been shattered by the cart.

Ryoka is becoming more and more annoyed by the adventurers who are debating how much a healing would cost, and she retires into her room upstairs. When Calruz follows her, she shoves him down the stairs, which turns him on.

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Locations Edit

  • Celum
    • Ryoka's Inn (The Rat's Tail)
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