Chapter 1.05 is the sixth chapter of Volume 1.

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Waking up to a throbbing hand, the new morning greets Erin with agony. She eats some Blue Fruits, then attends to her bathroom needs. 2 hours later she returns to the Inn, after a bout of topographical disorientation. Looking at her still throbbing hand, Erin decides that the dirty bandages need changing, and begins searching the Inn for ‘not a knife’ to help remove the bandages. During this search she finds food in the Inn that had been somehow preserved since the inn has been abandoned. Further investigation reveals glowing silver runes surrounding the cupboard with the edible food, and more runes surrounding all the cupboards throughout the kitchen, though not all appeared to be working. Erin accidentally destroys them.

After her attempts to change the bandage, Erin sits down and ponders over the discoveries she has made in the Inn, and why the place has been left like it has. She heads back up to investigate the skeleton she found the day before, but the skeleton has dissapeared. Given Erin’s overactive imagination, it then becomes distressing for her, as she wonders how the skeleton left, and if it was hiding somewhere in the inn.

When Erin hears creaking from downstairs, she discovers it is just a Goblin, whom she quickly chases outside.

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