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Chapter 1.05 D is the sixth chapter of the Side Story of the Doctor Edition.


  • Geneva had once been fearful of her life, but then she lost that fear because it was eclipsed by the fear of losing her patients. But now that she had three other people under her care she felt that fear again. They had managed to make it to her camp safely by waving a white flag and Ken talking down the soldiers. Geneva asks Calectus if she can protect them, but Calectus reminds her that it's her reputation as the Last Light that keeps them from being attacked.
  • The three thank Geneva for taking them in and ask about the flag, the Red Cross that she uses. Centaurs arrive with the first injured soldiers and Geneva breaks off and begins triaging. As she works on the first Centaur Aiko enters her tent and offers to help her. Geneva asks her to do basic things like sharpen scalpels and thread needles and if Aiko can handle the blood for the first hour then she'll get her to help properly.
  • Ken and Luan sit outside feeling useless after seeing Aiko choose to help Geneva. They realise that they still have the white flag from Quallet's camp but they're lacking in red paint. Luan hands Ken the evercut arrowhead and Ken goes to the war vendors for a trade. Ken meets the Naga that he saw before, Xalandrass. Ken manages to strike a deal with Xalandrass by exchanging the Evercut arrow for red, white and black paint but also skillfully avoiding answering Xalandrass' questions. The next morning Geneva notices the signs that the two had made, most prominently the one saying: The Red Cross Company.
  • As Ken and Luan painted the final sign they watched the battlefield, this time the Dullahans had deployed six giant Dullahans - War Walkers and they tore across the battlefield. Calectus comments that this is a sign that the Razorshard Armor Company are determined to win the battle at any cost. Ken watched as the War Walkers kill many Centaurs but eventually all of them fall. One manages to live long enough for the Dullahans to carry him to Geneva. The Juggernaut can't fit inside the tent so Aiko starts removing it's armor as it lays outside. Geneva begins to use her skills and gets everyone to point out all the wounds. The Dullahans arm is still barely attached so Geneva tries to reconnect the nerves before dropping bits of healing potion on it. It takes an hour but Geneva manages to save the War Walker and the Dullahan soldiers bow deeply and thank her and will report her success to their superiors. Calectus however becomes worried, because Geneva has just affected the war by preserving a previous asset of the Razorshard company.
  • Commander Grishka, in charge of the War Walkers, arrives to meet Geneva. Geneva leaves her waiting until she finishes her work. Grishka donates a large amount of gold and healing potions and Geneva accepts but emphasises her neutrality. The Centaurs enter the camp the next day with a wounded Captain, the leader urges Geneva to save her and begins to make threats when Geneva tells him to wait as she deals iwth her other patients. The Centaur tells her that the Captain is her mother, but Geneva still maintains her position. They later manage to save the captain and the Centaurs leave behind more potions and gold than the Dullahans had - Ken explains that this is to encourage Geneva to stay neutral.
  • The Tripartite Law Company, a company of three high-level mages, hired by the Roving Arrow company begins air striking the battlefield. Calectus only spots two of them, Firebringer Zalthia Werskiv and the Plague Locust, Embrim Thrus. Geneva recognizes Zalthia from the previous battlefield with the Raverian Fighters. Zalthia starts burning people and Embrim unleashes a type of chemical attack equivalent. Calectus explains that the soldiers hit by the attack wouldn't be able to move even after the poison mists cleared. As Geneva and Aiko set to work Ken and Luan decide to do something.
  • Quexa spots the duo and alerts the rest of Gravetender's Fist as they watch Ken and Luan run across the battlefield wearing pure white and waving a flag with the Red Cross on it. Luan plants the flag and then the two begin to carrying people back on stretchers towards Geneva's camp. Gravetender's fist shouts at them to keep running when they realise that the Centaurs have spotted the pair but they stop chasing at the last second. Both sides of the battle avoid targeting the two as they race back and forth bringing soldiers back to camp. Daly tells one of the Dullahans, Etretta, that they're Medics and that it must be a class now.
  • Geneva tries to save the victims of the gas attack, but she's unable to save any of them, the other wounds, yes, but not the gas. She tells Ken and Luan that they can't bring back any more gas victims. Ken finds a young Dullahan woman hit by the gas attack, she asks Ken to help her but he can only apologise and move on. They manage to save another Dullahan burn victim and Ken becomes a level 4 [Medic] that night.
  • A Centaur messenger enters camp complaining that more Dullahans are being saved by the medics which now include some of the Selphids, Geneva explains that Centaurs are heavier but the Centaur says this is a breach of her impartiatlity. Geneva asks Ken and the rest to start saving those closest first but in the evening the Centaurs come for all their wounded despite Geneva arguing for them to rest. In the morning the Dullahans send their own escorts.
  • The sixth day since starting as medics, Ken, Luan and a pair of Selphids are cornered by Centaurs that think they are saving too many Dullahans. They beat the four of them and destroy the flag. Geneva stops Ken and Luan from going out again for the next day. Dullahans begin mounteingnight attacks and Centaurs attacked at all hours.
  • On the sixteenth day of Ken arriving on the battlefield Okasha tries to convince Geneva to leave whilst they try to treat some Dullahans that seem to have been hit by [Sleep]. Geneva refuses and as the Razorshard Armor company picks up their wounded they're attacked by the Zalthia. Zalthia then proceeds to destroy Geneva's operating tent destroying the healing potions and bandages. Geneva is then confronted by a Dullahan, one of them that was feigning sleep, who had killed some of Geneva's patients in the chaos. Okasha tries to take over Geneva's body to prepare to fight but Geneva doesn't let her and tells the Dullahan that she swore to do no harm. The Dullahan stabs her anyway and orders her group to find Aiko.



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  • Evercut Arrowheads
  • Healing Potions

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Kenjiro Murata[]

  • Classes/Levels = [Medic] Lv. 4 (+4)
  • Skills = [Quick Sprint] – [Sympathetic Ear]