Chapter 1.06 is the seventh chapter of Volume 1.


Starting another morning off, this time waking up with her back to the door as a security measure, despite all the broken windows and other avenues of entry, our fair heroine is nearly incapacitated from the pain in her hand, as it now feels worse than the previous day.  Bad enough, that the excitement of a lost skeleton and goblin ambush party slipped her mind for a period.  As Erin became ambulatory, she also discovered the fish from the previous day was now rotting in the kitchen, and had attracted flies.  In an act of extreme courage, Erin takes the rotten and foul smelling fish to dispose outside, sliding it cleanly off the cutting board.  This allowed the fish to explode when it hit the ground, releasing large numbers of little black and green insects.

Sometime later, after returning to pick up the cutting board and other items, Erin goes to the stream to clean them, before noticing some of the unique peculiarities of the little insects that had been attracted to the rotten fish.  They had 4 legs instead of 6, and looked like a cross between a freaky firefly and a beetle.  They also exploded for her when she tried to flick them away, with some of the green liquid thus released splattering onto Erin.  This hurt.  Erin lovingly named her discovery Acid Flies.

With both her hand and now arm hurting, Erin did the only sensible thing.  She gave the fly covered fish corpse the middle finger, and went back to the Inn.

Ravenous for food, but not wanting to continue to consume ‘Blue Fruit’, Erin decides to use her [Basic Cooking] skill and cook some fresh bread with the preserved ingredients from the cupboards.  This raised additional complications for her however, as to cook you need fire.  And to get fire, you need matches or a lighter.  Without those available, Erin searches the inn and finally finds and settles for the flint and steel that looks just like they do in Minecraft.  With unmatched determination Erin, now known as Promethea starts the fire she needs.  Before realising that she didn’t have the water and would have to let the fire go out to collect it.

While searching for water, Erin stumbles on a gigantic bird with leather wings, which brings to mind pictures of dinosaurs.  Looking where the bird came from, Erin found a nest and dino eggs.

Lugging the water back to the Inn, Erin laments the lack of a well, and on the way back notices that the sign on the Inn is written in English and perfectly legible for her.  She also decides that the inn has long been abandon and it is now hers due to finders keepers.  With all the ingredients now assembled, Erin starts to make pasta, using the fertilized and developing dino-eggs.  Erin also creates some freshly squeezed and patented Bluefruit Juice to go with her pasta.

Suffering through the day, Erin finally starts to eat, with glistening pasta almost at her mouth when there is a knock at the door.  Opening the door, Erin is confronted with a giant insect who politely greets her.



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