Chapter 1.06 is the seventh chapter of Volume 1.

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Erin wakes up with an injured hand in her inn and discovers that the fish she has cought the day before has started to rot and attracted flies. Erin disposes of the fish outside, but it explodes when the mass and the insects touch the ground.

While washing her items, Erin notices unique peculiarities about the Acid Flies, as she calls them: They explode when flicked out of the air, and release nasty acid.

Erin has enough of ‘Blue Fruit’ and decides to use her [Basic Cooking] skill and cook some fresh bread with the preserved ingredients from the cupboards. She finds the flint and steel and ignites her fire in the kitchen.

As she is out to get more water, Erin stumbles upon a gigantic bird with leather wings, which brings to her mind pictures of dinosaurs. Looking where the bird came from, Erin finds a nest and dino eggs.

Lugging the water back to the Inn, Erin laments the lack of a well, and on the way back notices that the sign on the Inn is written in not-English but still perfectly legible for her. She also decides that the inn has long been abandoned and is now hers. With all the ingredients now assembled, Erin starts to make pasta and additionally creates some freshly squeezed Bluefruit Juice.

She finally starts to eat when there is a knock at the door. Opening the door, Erin is confronted with a giant insect who politely greets her.

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