Chapter 1.07 is the eighth chapter of Volume 1.

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Two strangers greet Erin, who bolts the door after having seen them: One insectoid and one reptiloid, talking to Erin in English and then bickering with each other. It takes more convincing of the two weird guests for Erin to eventually let the pair enter the Inn.

Further discourse ensuea, and Erin, as host, provides her two unexpected guests with the meal of pasta and blue fruit juice that she prepared for herself originally. Her patrons are both guardsmen of the local city and have come out to investigate the smoke from the abandoned inn.

Apparently, a plague outbreak caused the place to be abandoned, but that particular danger seems to have passed, although the area in itself is still considered dangerous due to the wildlife. Relc and Klbkch also question Erin about various other things, such as where she came from. Despite the unusualness of it, both [Guardsmen] accept that she ended up at the inn randomly after some teleport spell. At some point during the conversation, Klbkch notices the injury done to Erin’s hand, and uses a healing potion to fix it.

POV Relc and Klbkch Edit

After finishing their meal and conversation, both guards head back into the city, planning to come visit again. They are quite glad they didn’t have to kill the strange human. Relc however hints that the "low-grade healing potion" wasn't that low-grade.

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  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 5 (+1)
  • Skills Obtained = [Basic Crafting]
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