Chapter 1.07 is the eighth chapter of Volume 1.

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Continuing his initial polite greeting, the giant insect is met with the reasonable reaction of having the door slammed in his face and bolted shut. Bickering from an alternate voice ensues as two people outside begin to argue about who was more appropriate to initiate greetings in these circumstances, all the while Erin contrives a totally unworkable escape plan. The second voice decided that he is the soul of reason and forcibly takes over the introductions for those waiting outside. And politely knocks. Erin, with her plans laid, slowly opens the door to find a giant lizard, or possibly a dragon, smiling down at her toothily. This greeting failed to assuage Erin, and it took some time and coaxing before the pair was eventually allowed into the Inn.

Further discourse ensued, while Erin, as host, provided her two unexpected guests with a delicious meal of pasta and blue fruit juice, as her patrons discussed with her their reasons for visiting. They were both Guardsman of the local city and had come out to investigate the smoke from the abandoned inn. During the conversation Erin learned that the Inn and the surrounding area had been subjected to a plague, making the entire area off limits to the local populace, but as she was still alive, the danger seems to have passed. The guardsmen were quite glad that the issue of the plague infested building and surrounds had been resolved for the local city and no longer presented a danger. They also questioned Erin about various other things, such as where she came from. Despite the unusualness of it, both Guardsmen are accepting that she ended up at the inn randomly after suffering from a teleport spell. At some point during the conversation, the giant insect notices the injury done to Erin’s hand, and uses a healing potion to fix it.

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After finishing their meal and conversation, both guards head back into the city, planning to come visit again. They were quite glad they didn’t have to kill the strange human. That was maybe female? They weren’t quite sure. Relc however hints that the "low-grade healing potion" wasn't that low-grade.

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  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 5 (+1)
  • Skills Obtained = [Basic Crafting]
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