Chapter 1.08 is the ninth chapter of Volume 1.


POV – Erin:

A new day, a new dawn, and one Erin woke up smiling to. Eventually.  The realization that her hand was healed was a great boon, and led Erin to believe healing potions are awesome. Mentally she thanked Klbkch and Drake-guy, before starting to plan the rest of her day.

Heading out to the blue fruit trees, Erin did a stock-take on how much was left and how long it would last her. Though there was enough to last a few weeks, the thought of continued consumption of the one item was unappetizing to Erin. The Drake had also paid some coin for the meal the previous night, but Erin had nowhere to spend it, something that would need to change. Continuing with her day’s activities, Erin experimented with her new skill, [Basic Crafting], and managed to produce a passable basket, made of grass. This changed everything for her. After some thinking, she now had a plan, and went hunting Dino-eggs. Somewhat successfully.

After escaping the bird’s predations, Erin headed towards the stream to wash off her recently acquired injuries. Along the way she encountered some suspicious looking rocks dotted across the grasslands. Luckily, these ‘rock’s found the seed cores of the blue fruit far more disturbing than the dino-bird which had ignored them. Brushing off the seed core juice from her hands, Erin continued on her way.

As Erin reached the Inn, she started to feel incredibly ill, and began to vomit profusely. She spent the next hour at the stream washing out her mouth while recurrently vomiting. Luckily none of the fanged fish attacked her. The one that she did see consumed some of her vomit and soon after she saw it floating belly up. Somehow Erin had been poisoned. But was it delicious food poisoning where you got to eat twice, or the other kind that made you turn green and die?  Feeling somewhat better Erin heads back to the Inn. Even though she is still unwell, she is aware enough that she cannot stop, and is in too much danger.

Once back at the Inn, to distract herself from the danger and issues of survival that she has so suddenly been exposed to, Erin kept busy and finished the night with a full belly fed on pasta and blue fruit juice. After eating her fill, she sat waiting. Waiting for the Drake guy and Klbkch to come back, like they said they would.

POV – Relc and Klbkch:

Lazing about in the guardroom, Relc waited impatiently for Klbkch to fill out the paperwork for the both of them, as he wanted to go and visit the strange human he had met yesterday, and eat more of her pasta. Just as the paperwork was finished, the Guard Captain ordered them to stop a brawl in the marketplace, delaying their departure. Both Relc and Klbkch found this most inconvenient. More in regards to the paperwork and sundry secondary duties that would arise as a result of the brawl, than breaking the heads of those involved in the brawl itself.

POV – Erin:

After waiting an eternity with everything ready for her guests, Erin slowly drifted off to sleep, only to be awakened in the dark by a thumping at the door, and an eerie wind, sending chills throughout the Inn. A deep, spine chilling voice from outside, with an unearthly quality to it demanded sustenance or Erin would face his wrath. After trying to verbally deny the intruder, a skeletal monstrosity giving off a ghastly smell and with crimson eyes forced its way into her inn.



  • The Inn
  • Grove of 'Blue Fruit' trees
  • The Stream


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