Chapter 1.08 is the ninth chapter of Volume 1.

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POV – Erin: Edit

Erin wakes up and celebrates the Healing Potion she received the day before from her first two guests.

Aside from her now usual routine (going out to the stream and the fruit trees), Erin does an inventory and experiments with her new skill, [Basic Crafting], and produces a passable basket made of grass. She also goes hunting Dino-eggs, but is less successfull than the previous day. However, she can confirm that Blue Fruit seed cores work well against Rock Crabs.

Back at the inn, Erin starts feeling incredibly ill, and begins to vomit. She spends the next hour at the stream washing out her mouth while recurrently vomiting. Luckily only one fanged fish is around. It consumes some of her vomit, but dies from its poison. Feeling somewhat better, Erin heads back to the Inn.

Once back at the Inn, she distracts herself from the danger by keeping busy. After preparing another generous meal, she waits for the Drake guy and Klbkch to come back, like they said they would.

POV – Relc and Klbkch: Edit

Klbkch and Relc have actually been looking formard to return to Erin's inn, but are suddenly called to extra work in the marketplace, breaking up a brawl. They have to put off their plans for a day.

POV – Erin: Edit

Erin is awakened in her inn by someone knocking. A deep, spine chilling voice from outside, with an unearthly quality to it demands sustenance and threatens Erin with its wrath. After she tried to deny the intruder verbally, a skeletal monstrosity giving off a ghastly smell and with crimson eyes forces its way into her inn.

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