Chapter 1.08 R is the forty-third chapter of Volume 1. It is the tenth chapter in which Ryoka appears.

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Ryoka runs towards the High Passes, when she notices fireflies following her - she assumes a curse but continues running. She is attacked by a group of goblins and fights them, but they flee when a Carn Wolf attacks. Ryoka is bitten, but can hurt and escape the Wolf, who calls his pack for pursuit. The carn wolves hesitate however, when Eater Goats appear in the hangs of the mountains. Ryoka realizes that her healing potions don't work, but instead give her sickness and charge her up in an unhealthy way.

Meanwhile, Magnolia reprimands her Assassin Theofore for losing Ryoka and not being able to stop her to run to her current location - thanks to their observer spells, they know exactly where the runner has gone.

Ryoka is pursued by goats and wolves, who are, to her benefit, also fighting against each other. Then, Gargoyles appear to prey on the other two animal groups, but half of them decide to hunt Ryoka. With lots of dodging and also some more injuries, she manages around them and suddenly spots the yellow cloth which is the symbol of her employer. She stumbles into his cave, heavily injured, and can only exclaim to be here for the delivery.

Inside the cave, her employer, an old man with pointed ears, is curious upon her approach. He diagnoses blood loss and mana poisoning and starts fixing her up.

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Creatures Edit

  • Goblins
  • Razorbeaks

Items Edit

  • iPhone
  • Mana potions
  • the numerous treasures within the cave
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