Chapter 1.09 is the tenth chapter of Volume 1.

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The skeletal monstrosity is struck by a flying pot before it can even finish its sentence.

The creature disintegrates and vanishes, revealing an unconscious young man, wearing grey robes and having a big bruise on his forehead.

The young man wakes up after being splashed with a bucket of water. He admonishes Erin for treating a mage of power with rudeness but Erin silences him with threats of bodily pain.

The man tries to appease her, then attempts to flee under protection of an invisibility spell. Erin prevents that attempt and forces him to pay for his meal rather than scare people for it.

The [Mage] then wants to go until he realizes that Erin would actually feed him for his money. She offers him some blue fruit and the [Mage] explains to her that the blue fruit is in fact poisonous. He further reveals facts about the world and the surroundings.

After he finishes his plate of pasta and is about to leave, Erin asks for his name and he introduces himself as Pisces, a practitioner of magic, a student of Wistram Academy, 'specializing in Elementalist and Illusionary schools of magic'. When asked for a hobby, he freely admits Necromancy.

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