Chapter 1.09 R is the forty-sixth chapter of Volume 1. It is the eleventh chapter in which Ryoka appears.

Synopsis Edit

Ryoka wakes up and is interrogated by a supernatural being whom she only mistakes for a too perfect human at the beginning of the conversation. The male mage is magically compelling her to answer his questions about her origins, world politics, Magnolia Reinhardt and Ryoka Griffin - she manages not to let slip her identity until the end of their talk.

Then he sets her on the task that he summoned a runner for, in the first place: Delivering a message to the Blood Fields, specifically to the Necromancer Az’kerash. He hands out a potion to ensure Ryoka's succeeding, then sends her back to Celum under a Geas spell, compelling her to fulfill his quest.

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

  • Teriarch's Cave
  • Celum (observed via spell)

Items Edit

  • Teriarch's potion that greatly enhances speed
  • Teriarch's Message to Az'Kerash
  • Teriarch's Ring, gift for Az'Kerash
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