Chapter 1.10 R is the forty-seventh chapter of Volume 1. It is the twelfth chapter in which Ryoka appears, like both the preceding and the following chapter.


Ryoka and Garia are dining in an inn in Celum, where Ryoka learns more about Garia's business as a runner. However, she refuses to tell her or Fals about her deal with Teriarch, claiming confidentiality.

Persua makes an appearance, having found an adventurer who can bully Ryoka - but she takes none of it and instead fights the Bronze-rank adventurer. She lands many hits, but only Garia's involvement ends the fight in her favour. Ryoka then retreats to her own inn, from where she flees in the middle of the night out of her room window - towards Esthelm, where the Horns of Hammerad are currently located.

Theofore, an [Assassin] assigned to keep an eye on the runner girl, is helpless to stop her and can't even chase her once Ryoka jumps from the roofs to the street. Magnolia, who had planned another surprise visit in Ryoka's room to talk at her, is foiled again.



  • Celum
    •  ? - Inn
    • The Rat’s Tail


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