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Chapter 1.11 is the twelfth chapter of Volume 1.


Pisces reveals himself to Erin: he has not invisibly fled the inn like Relc and Klbkch thought. Erin is in the process of throwing him out when the two guards reappear and fight Pisces in earnest. It turns out that Relc is too high-level for Pisces who claimed to be a powerful mage himself.

As Relc threatens to kill Pisces right there, Erin interrupts the brawl and demands that Pisces is not killed or taken away for execution. 'No killing!'

To this, Relc and Klbkch explain that there is a death penalty on being a [Necromancer]. Erin quickly withdraws her testimonial and demand that the guards prove all accusations with an artifact, which the two Senior Guards don't have with them. Klbkch follows the law and convinces Relk to leave the two humans at the place. Relk agrees, but Pisces may not enter Liscor on the penalty of death.

Finally, Erin throws Pisces out of her inn.