Chapter 1.11 R is the fiftieth chapter of Volume 1 and the fourteenth one to feature Ryoka.

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Five silver-rank adventuring team captains are debating their chances when they involve themselves in exploring the Ruins of Liscor. Calruz (Horns of Hammarad) and Yvlon (Silver Spears) are most vocal in favor, while Gregor is most vocal against this mission. Cervial are persuaded in favor, but Lir comes to the decision it's not worth involving him. A sixth captain, Hendric, had dropped out of the discussion earlier.

Ryoka, having learned magic from Ceria, is now introduced to the other adventurers, and she unwillingly accepts an invitation for a meal where they try to gather information about her recent run into the High Passes. She is uncooperative and stubborn, but can't resist to accept the fight when Yvlon challenges her to a sparring match.

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  • Esthelm's Adventurer Guild

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