Chapter 1.12 R is the fifty-first chapter of Volume 1. It is the fifteenth chapter to feature Ryoka.

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After Garia and Ceria failed to dissuade Ryoka from fighting Yvlon in a "friendly" sparring match, Ryoka does exactly that, and doing it like a grudge match. She manages to throw Yvlon and hit her a few times.

Afterwards, they dine together in the Adventurer's guild and Ryoka gets the offer to be an on-demand runner for adventurer teams, while they compare runners and adventurers... until Ryoka challenges Calruz to a fight over a sexist comment.

That fight doesn't go so well, as Ryoka manages to enrage Calruz and refuses to stay down after being hit. Then the adventurers catch on to the fact that Ryoka doesn't have any levels, and the fight is cancelled. Ryoka hits Ceria and challenges all present adventurers, causing Calruz to nearly blow up and Yvlon to knock Ryoka out.

Ceria visits Ryoka when she wakes up, and gives her a few words of warning before leaving for the Ruins of Liscor. Finally, the dejected runner girl also leaves for the south, heading to the Blood Fields, but most importantly, running away from herself.

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  • Healing Potion
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