Chapter 1.13 is the fifteenth chapter of Volume 1.

Synopsis Edit

Erin's first stop in Liscor is the Adventurer's Guild, where she meets Selys the [Receptionist] and asks her directions where to buy stuff. However, a gnoll adventurer throws her out of the Guild. Erin (unable to read Drake signs) is subsequently thrown out of several more shops and even homes she barges into, until she eventually finds the market.

There, she avoids buying at a female gnoll shopkeeper, fearing after her previous run-in that the gnoll will refuse to sell her due to her smell. A drake shopkeeper however accepts all her gold coins in exchange for a bit of food, although he complains about her being a bad customer.

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Locations Edit

  • Liscor
    • Adventurer's Guild
    • Liscor Marketplace
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