Chapter 1.13 R is the fifty-seventh chapter of Volume 1. It is the sixteenth chapter to feature Ryoka, and it is the last to distinguish Ryoka chapters with a special "R". Ryoka also appears in the following chapter.

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On her run to the south, Ryoka observes a battle between two goblin tribes. Rags' tribe is the winner, but then Rags goes after the observes she has noticed. Ryoka is forced to run, but loses orientation and eventually has a short combat against Rags. Then, she manages to get away.

She comes across a long and steep hill forty miles south of Liscor. After three days (no longer running, more walking, because of the sharp rocks all around) she is forced to confront the nagging voices in her head.

On the fourth day past Liscor, she comes to the Blood Fields. She searches the vast landscape, but ultimately finds nothing but strange red plants and the remains of long lost soldiers.

Ryoka who had been convinced to come here and have to fight in a desperate struggle against someone, can find no adversary but the voices in her head which tell her to turn back and find friends in her life. But Ryoka also can't return, because of the geas that Teriarch put on her. It takes Ryoka all her willpower to even take single steps towards the north.

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