Chapter 1.15 is the seventeenth chapter of Volume 1.

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Soon after Erin wakes up after the previous chapter, Relc knocks at the door of her inn. He killed three goblins that had bothered Erin, thrown stones and spied at her inn. Relc promises that once he sets up the three heads around her inn, the goblins will leave her alone. Erin becomes sick upon the thought and has Relc leave, while she properly buries the three heads together with the bodies - two female ones and an adolescent male.

Just as Erin places the last head in the improvised grave, a scrawny female goblin child attacks her, but she drives it away and finishes the burial. Later, the goblin tribe appears, with the Chief, a Hobgoblin, challenging Erin. She flies into the inn, pursued but not attacked by goblins. Erin finally gains several moments to collect her thoughts about the situation.

Then she takes her preparations; and after a certain while the Goblin Chieftain breaks through her door.

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