Chapter 1.17 is the nineteenth chapter of Volume 1. While previous chapters before had shown dialogue just between just the two guards, this chapter is the first to actually show the point of view of Klbkch, including his reasoning.

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Klbkch, off-duty, visits the outlying Inn and finds Erin badly injured after she has killed the Goblin Chieftain. He gives her his emergency healing potion, saving her from the brink of death.

He deduces that she is not from his world - her previous curiousity about how the basics in the world functioned, as well as her weeping for the dead goblins gave it away. Erin carefully changes the subject, and when he notices, asks him to not inquire further into her origins. She also claims to not be in shock, but just tired; and she asks him not to kill any more goblins. Klbkch also explains more basics about skills, things that every child is made aware of by the parents.

Returning to the city, Klbkch files the bounty on the Chieftain on Erin's behalf, and finds and punishes Relc, since Erin told him he instigated the goblin antipathy towards her inn. Also, Klbkch makes a mental note to informs "Others" about Erin.

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