Chapter 1.18 is the twentieth chapter of Volume 1.


The chapter details - at first incoherently - how Erin processes her post-traumatic stage after having had to deal with the Goblin Chieftain.

She throws Relc and Klbkch out of her inn, later receives Relc and answers his questions. She stays adamant on her rule not to kill goblins, also towards Pisces who turns white when she threatens him.

She moves about for some time; and fights off a Rock crab that attacks her in her inn.

She harvests more Amentus fruits when she feels hunger two days (?) after having killed the Goblin Chieftain. She throws most of them ip afterwards, and contemplates eating a core, poisoning herself and die. In the orchard, she also encounters fruit-gathering goblins.

Having a sudden impulse, she returns to her inn and starts cooking, then serving a meal to four goblins who are lurking around her inn. She gives them so much to eat that they enter a food coma. When they smile, she finally laughs again. They try to repay her for the food with some silver coins they have on them.




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