Chapter 1.20 is the twenty-second chapter of Volume 1. It is not the beginning of the story, but it *is* the beginning of the story of The Wandering Inn, and the final chapter in Part 1 of Volume 1.

Synopsis Edit

Erin defeats Olesm in chess in their first game against each other, thus winning her bet with Lism and regaining her three gold coins plus change. She then proceeds to buy his chessboard, and other essential items on the market, starting with a money pouch.

She apologizes to the female Gnoll shopkeeper next to Lism's stall then, since she had not bought there last time, thinking she would sneer at her smell. They introduce themselves and converse about smells, then Krshia shows Erin that she is a fair merchant, even doing deliveries.

Then, Erin returns to her inn, having spent most of her money at Krshia's and in a public bathhouse in Liscor. As she plays chess against herself, she has an epiphany and returns to the city two more times, the first time to buy materials to replace her inn sign (paint, brush, wood, nails, hammer), the second time to buy a ladder to actually reach it. Then, she finally names her inn:

The Wandering Inn
No killing Goblins.

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

Items Edit

  • Chessboard
  • Coin pouch
  • Black and White Paint
  • Ladder

Statistics Obtained Edit

  • Olesm Swifttail, Level 22 [Tactician] (Revealed). Also reveal that [Tacticians] upgrade to [Strategists]. Olesm expresses his dreams of becoming [Grandmaster].
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