Chapter 1.22 is the twenty-sixth chapter of Volume 1.

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Erin has returned to her inn to find that Acid Flies have preyed on her clothes, eating her menstruational blood. She can clear up the mess with a bucket of water and can capture the stunned insects in a glass jar. She still has to replace several pieces of furniture, including floor boards.

The gruesome work done, she enjoys a quick bath in the cold stream near to her inn, when she is again attacked by one of the flat fishes (previously seen in Chapter 1.04). Again, the fish pursues her to the land, where Erin can kill it with her bucket.

Again, Erin has an idea to turn this situation around. She lets the fish rot in the open and returns when it is covered in acid flies which she overwhelms again with a bucket of water. She now proceeds to cut the fish up and puts the runny remains in glass jars: acid fly traps. Her plan is to feed the flies to Klbkch.

Pisces shows up and learns that Erin is knowledgeable in insect biology and, more importantly, chess. This leads him to bet against her, as he considers himself a good chess player. Erin humbles him easily, then learns more about the magic system and his lifestyle from him.

The next day, Erin's acid fly harvesting goes awry, when she trips and a glass full of flies shatters. Erin can save herself in the stream, while Pisces who is nearby can freeze the flies, and save Erin's life that way. She rewards him with a big meal, then compiles her first menu, with the acid flies on it.

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  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 10 (+1)
  • Skills = [Alcohol Brewer] + [Dangersense]
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