Chapter 1.23 is the twenty-seventh chapter of Volume 1.

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Erin inquires about 'basic' kitchen ingredients: baking soda and ice cream. Krshia doesn't have either.

Erin encounters a hunting group of goblins who kill a rock crab. (Point of view switch: one of the goblins plans to visit the inn as a buying customer)

When Erin reports the 'raiding party' to Relc and Klbkch on their next visit, they explain to her that this was not a party, just the local tribe. They also tell her about the wildlife of the area and the politics on the continent, while Erin introduces Klbkch to a bowl of acid bugs, which he relishes. Erin is delighted to hear that and asks him to bring his friends.

Also, Relc mentions that an ancient dungeon has just been found, and that he of all people will be asked to keep his eye on the adventurers that are sure to rush Liscor soon.

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