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Chapter 1.24 is the twenty-ninth chapter of Volume 1. It is the first of three successive chapter that are all (partly) set in the Antinium Hive.


Klbkch asks his Queen if he may take out workers to socialize at Erin's inn. She worries about the Others, but then allows him to take twelve workers, trusting him to improve relationships with other races.

Erin has prepared her inn for the workers, but before the group of Antinium arrives, nine goblins wish to eat at the inn, and Erin accepts their money. She names their leader, the young female, Rags to herself. Klbkch and twelve workers arrive shortly thereafter, but Erin can stall any hostilities, and serves both groups.

Olesm arrives next, and after a while asks Erin if they could play chess... but Erin is busy with the guests; and so she introduces him to chess notation and plays the game while bussing the tables, still effortless beating him, then lecturing him on what he did wrong. Afterwards, she pretends to play Klbkch and Olesm simultaneously, but in fact, plays them against each other. Then, as they set up a true simultaneous game, the workers and the goblins serve as the crowd, watching the novelty.

Finally, a worker doesn't dare to play against her, but Erin tries to builds up his confidence and fashions a few more chessboards on parchment, and she presides over an Antinium-Goblin chess tournament.

Afterwards, Olesm and Klbkch talk about Erin and the worker situation on their way back to Liscor.



Statistics Obtained[]


  • Classes/Levels = [Tactician] Lv. 1

Several of the 12 Worker Antinium[]

  • Classes/Levels = [Tactician] Lv. 1