Chapter 1.25 is the thirty-second chapter of Volume 1.

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The workers of the Antinium Hive have begun playing chess in their unassigned time. An Aberration appears and kills six former co-workers before being eliminated by Klbkch. Continuing to play chess but stagnating in their gameplay, the workers request Klbkch to be taken to the inn again, in order to learn more from Erin.

The local goblin tribe, formerly led by the Goblin Chieftain, is under new management after the events of Chapter 1.17: A "big goblin" is the new leader, and he has killed five of the nine goblins who were guests in the Wandering Inn during the Erin-Olesm-Goblin-Antinium chess tournament (Chapter 1.24). Rags and three others have survived but are exiled from the tribe, and can only helplessly observe how the rest of the tribe sieges the inn. The hostile goblins proceed carefully at first, just entering the inn, standing around and breaking things. As the big goblin "bully" breaks a chess piece, Erin throws him out and hits him with a chair, which starts the fight, prompting a few goblin backstabbers to surround Erin outside her inn.

Just in time, Klbkch and the worker who was designated to learn more about chess arrive at the scene. While the Designated Worker engages the goblins, Klbkch can rescue and heal Erin with his emergency healing potion. Then, he also engages the goblins, but can't fully commit to the fight because he has to take care that Erin isn't attacked again.

Klbkch can kill all of the goblins but nine, when he is wounded too severely to continue. Erin, by now fully healed, refuses to let him alone, and charges the goblins, with the unexpected help of Rags and her three compatriots. They manage to kill or drive off the remaining attackers, but Klbkch already speaks his last words. Erin, now on her own, carries him off to Liscor as fast as possible.

Characters Edit

  • several unnamed antinium workers (six of them: deceased)
  • a worker turning Aberration (deceased)
  • Klbkch (deceased)
  • Designated Worker (deceased)
  • Erin Solstice
  • forty-odd goblins attackers (mostly: deceased)
  • Rags and three other former goblin guests of the Wandering Inn

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