Chapter 1.26 is the thirty-third chapter of Volume 1.

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Erin is interrogated and reprimanded by Liscor's Antinium Queen after Klbkch's death. She calls her Prognugator a fool and a failure, even, after speaking with Erin.

Erin is taken to Liscor's Watch Captain, afterwards. Before that, however, Relc accuses her of causing his friends's death and claims he will kill her if she ever enters the watch barracks again. Then, the Watch Captain chews her out.

Erin is sorry and explains her position, accepting all the hard feelings against her. Then the broken innkeeper finds a kind soul in Krshia at the market, joined by Selys. The two females try to lighten her burden, but Erin refuses their offers to remain in the city, stating her intent of returning to the inn.

Over a hundred workers then enter the scene at the market, offering condolences to Erin, which all other observers know as highly unusual. But Erin talks to them, then offers them to come to her inn and play chess - she even finds a loophole to the regulation that forbids them leaving the city. When she tells one of them that he is an individual, he eventually accepts her reasoning. On the walk to her inn, he protests about being an Aberration, but she insists that he is going to be okay, and let's him choose his name, Pawn.

Having arrived at the Wandering Inn, the workers clean out the damaged inn and restore order, while Erin and Pawn are sad, mourn for Klbkch, and start playing chess.

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  • broken drake knight chess figure
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