Chapter 1.27 is the thirty-fourth chapter of Volume 1.


Krshia and Selys (who are both extremely curious why Erin doesn't know about it) explain the leveling system to Erin, while she plays chess against Pawn. Pawn cheats and calls on the Hive Mind of all the assembled workers while they play.

As time moves on, the crowd gets larger, as Olesm, Pisces and the goblins also observe the game. Then Erin shows the crowd an Immortal Game from Earth. Finally, she obliviously plays an [Immortal Game] against Pawn's Hive Mind, for herself.



Statistics Obtained


  • Overall fighter levels, estimated by Selys: 32 (but she is only partially right, as later statistics show this is only in his main class)

Erin Solstice

  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 11 (+1)
  • Skills Obtained = [Lesser Strength]
  • Skills Learned = [Immortal Moment]
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