Chapter 1.28 is the thirty-seventh chapter of Volume 1.

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Erin has, by now, only thre kinds of guests: Antinium workers, Rags' Goblins, and Pisces. Just like Zevara promised her in Chapter 1.26, there are no longer patrols near the Wandering Inn, which will, according to Pisces, soon turn into a problem.

Just as Pisces has agreed to try and teach Erin some magic, he is himself target of a messaging spell from someone else, and excuses himself.

In the market of Liscor, and later at the receptionist's home, Erin and Selys get to talk - again about Erin's security problem. Selys suggests hiring adventurers. Then, when Erin shows a glaring lack of knowledge, Selys gives her an impromptu geography lesson of Issrysil. She also explains about the new ruins that are going to attract adventurers, while Erin expresses her curiosity on what could be out there.

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