Chapter 1.29 is the thirty-ninth chapter of Volume 1. It is the eighth chapter to feature Ryoka, and the first one that is not named after her. It's also the first to have both Ryoka and Erin in it, although they don't meet each other.

Synopsis Edit

Ryoka, after her leg bone has been fixed by Pisces, gets her flesh healed with a potion. Then, she starts to run back to Celum.

The Horns of Hammerad also return to Celum, but Calruz is contemplating to soon explore the new Ruins of Liscor.

Relc attempts to race Ryoka, but is outpaced by the human runner.

Meanwhile, Erin is exploring the Floodplains just like she announced to Selys earlier (in Chapter 1.28). She finds several dangers, including losing herself in the rolling grass hills that don't have landmarks aside from rock crabs. She can restrain herself from walking into a forest of exploding trees, then escapes a trap laid by armored spiders. She gets to fight one of them when it follows her.

Meanwhile, Gazi explores the area around Liscor, when she spots Erin in the process of burning a Shield Spider lair. She then offers to accompany the innkeeper to the city.

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Locations Edit

Creatures Introduced Edit

Creatures Edit

Plants Edit

  • Krakk Trees (exploding trees, First Appearance)
  • pretty red and white flowers that trigger Dangersense (First Appearance)

Items Edit

  • powerful red healing potion (used on Ryoka by Ceria)
  • Erin's adventuring gear
    • weak healing potion
    • leather rucksack
    • flint and tinder
    • long knife in a leather sheath
    • mirror, bandages, throwing rock, sandwich
    • glass jar with acid fly acid
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