Chapter 1.33 is the forty-fifth chapter of Volume 1.

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Erin gets accustomed with her newest 'acquistion', the Skeleton Warrior. He cleaned up the upstairs rooms of the inn, and helps her with some chores, like fetching water and Amentus fruits, while Erin tests him for trustworthiness. She decides he is okay.

The Antinium workers come over for a meal, and Erin strikes a deal with them to construct an outhouse for her. In the evening, a lot of Erin's usual guests are present - the workers, the goblins and Pisces - when a group of adventurers bursts into the inn and charges at all these monsters, which now also includes a skeleton barmaid. The guests of the inn can subdue the attackers, and Gazi (who had been there, but excused herself for a short while) sends them off with a stern warning. Since the goblins helped themselves to the adventurer gear and purses, Erin is able to handle the damages to her property.

As Gazi returns to Liscor, she contemplates about Erin and Pisces, who she both deems worthy individuals to wake the interest of her mysterious liege. She also encounters a human [Princess] stealing in the city, but thinks her too mundane to bring her along. However, Gazi decides to bide her time and observe Erin for a longer period...

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Items Edit

  • Acid Jars
  • Lesser healing potions
  • Adventurer weapons - Sword, Axe

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Erin Solstice Edit

  • Classes/Levels = [Innkeeper] Lv. 13 (+2)
  • Skills = [Loud Voice]
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