Chapter 1.34 is the forty-eighth chapter of Volume 1. It is the second chapter to feature both Erin and Ryoka, and it gives the reader a first introduction into the magic system of Inn-World.

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Ryoka wakes up Ceria in her inn in Esthelm to learn magic from the adventurer mage. She find out that she has an aptitude for the [Light] spell, at least, which surprises Ceria.

After serving him a breakfast, Erin has bribed Pisces into giving her a magic lesson. She finds out that she can't cast magic, but Rags can cast a weak version of [Firefly]. Erin decides that Rags learning more magic is worthwhile, so she tells Pisces to continue.

Krshia finds Erin wandering and invites her into her home, finally finding the opportunity to speak with the innkeeper in private (see Chapter 1.31). After dismissing the topic of magic, Krshia wants to know stuff about Erin's world. As Erin mentions Earth's population, Krshia faints.

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  • Ceria's wand
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